The Power of Vision Boards: Achieving Your Goals Through Visualization

Creating a vision board is often touted as the key to success. It's not enough to simply have a positive attitude; the secret to achieving your goals is to dream of positive, focused, and specific objectives. As described in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vision Boards, the images and phrases that make up the board should represent your top priorities. Some suggest that it takes a certain amount of time in front of the board to be successful, while others believe that simply creating the vision board is what is essential to keeping the goal in the subconscious. If you think about your goals as if they have already happened, then the universe will give you what you want.

Vision boards are effective because they are a visual reminder of your intentions and shape your thoughts and actions. The effectiveness of vision boards has yet to be thoroughly and definitively investigated, but similar studies are inconclusive. Neil Farber, writing for Psychology Today, pointed to several studies that showed that people who visualized a positive outcome were less likely to take concrete steps to achieve their goals. However, some of the studies showed that visualizing working towards a goal (such as training for a sport or studying for an exam) was more likely to make participants do difficult things. A vision board is a creative collection of images, meaningful quotes, song lyrics, or anything else that you consider inspirational or representative of your personal goals, desires, and aspirations. Idea boards can be useful for developing a coherent vision of your plan.

If you like everything, you can never reduce what you really need to buy to have the closet or home decor you want. Whenever you have to make a difficult decision, you'll have a vision board that will guide you in the right direction. Investing time and effort into creating a detailed vision board can help you really relate and reflect on your priorities in life. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on new items to create your vision board, you don't need to use one of these types of bases. You may have heard people talk about manifestation, the idea that you can bring the vision of your dreams into your life by thinking about it. The only consistent attribute among all vision boards is that it should clearly show what you want in your life.

Now that you know how to create a vision board, I hope you can see that it's a fun and creative way to visualize and realize your goals. Two people can have the same vision and only one can achieve a goal: winning a race or owning a specific home. You can add before and after images to your vision board to show your progress so far, because with every small victory you overcome, you'll be one step closer to crossing the goal off your list. Use your vision board to set your intentions for both your daily activities and your long-term goals. Another powerful way to express your vision is to work with a coach to be clear about what you want and create an action plan.

Enjoy the experience of building your vision board, because doing so can allow you to take a cathartic break from your daily life. Paul suggests placing the full-view board in a place where it can be seen several times a day. Vision boards are an effective tool for achieving success because they provide an opportunity for self-reflection and visualization. By taking time out of our busy lives to create our own personal boards, we can focus on our goals and dreams and take steps towards making them reality. With every small victory we overcome, we are one step closer to crossing our goals off our list.

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