Do Successful People Use Vision Boards to Achieve Their Goals?

You can tell by watching their television programs and attending concerts that successful people like Steve and Ellen are big believers in vision boards. Steve has multiple vision boards for every purpose, and he knows how to think big and take massive steps to give back while receiving his blessings from the universe. He even has his tailor embroider the number 3.5 on the cuffs of his shirts, jackets, and pants, which represents the rating it needs from the television network to be at the top. Similarly, Ellen is a well-known comedian and television presenter who uses vision boards to make her dreams a reality.

She was inspired by Oprah Winfrey's magazine, O, and began making models of herself with different clothes and appearing on her simulated cover of O. This made her dream known to the universe and eventually Oprah made Ellen's dream come true. The effectiveness of vision boards has not yet been thoroughly and definitively investigated, but similar studies are inconclusive. Neil Farber, who writes in Psychology Today, pointed to several studies that showed that people who envisioned a positive outcome were less likely to take concrete steps to achieve their goals. Even so, some of the studies showed that visualizing working to achieve a goal (such as training for a sport or studying for an exam) was more likely to make participants do difficult things (for example, John had built a vision board and, in the center, had placed a photograph of the house he really wanted).Jack has taught people how to create vision boards, and he even has vision boards that you can download from one of his sites.

Dacey Paul, a vital essence coach and vision board instructor from Roswell, Georgia, believes that where intention goes, energy flows. The process of making a vision board is easy and inexpensive, and includes materials as simple as a piece of cardboard, plus many different magazines, drawings, impressions of inspirational words and, of course, glue. On the one hand, looking at images on a vision board prepares the brain to take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Oprah Winfrey has given a masterclass on how to create a powerful vision board and when she wanted Barack Obama to be elected president she made a vision panel with a photo of her and a photo of the dress she would wear to her inauguration. But do vision boards really work? Swart says there's science behind the mechanism; you just have to use them correctly. Paul suggests placing the full-view board in a place where it can be seen several times a day.

Ultimately, creating a vision board is an effective way for successful people to achieve their goals.

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