Creating a Vision Statement: Tips and Examples

Creating a vision statement is an important part of any business plan. It's a way to project five to 10 years into the future and dream big. It should be written in the present tense, using clear, concise and jargon-free language. It should also be inspiring and align with your company's values and objectives.

A vision statement is different from a mission statement, which clarifies what the company wants to achieve, who it wants to support and why it wants to support them. A vision statement describes where you want a community or the world to be as a result of the company's services. Behavioral statistician Joseph Folkman conducted a research study on vision statements and how they can affect the success of a company. He found that an inspirational vision statement makes employees invest in the company's path to achieving the desired plans.

When creating your own vision statement, it's important to project five to 10 years into the future, dream big and focus on success. Use the present tense, use clear, concise and jargon-free language, instill passion and make it inspiring, align it with your company's values and objectives. Connect with stakeholders and team members who will play a role in realizing the company's vision. Try to develop a vision statement that produces a mental image when you read it and uses positive, emotional language.

To get an idea of what a good vision statement looks like, let's look at some examples from popular brands. Oxfam's vision statement is to be “a self-organized people that actively creates a just, democratic and sustainable world in which power and resources are shared, everyone lives with dignity and poverty and inequality no longer exist”. Netflix's vision statement is “to provide programs that excite and change the way people see them and the world around them”. And to put their money where their mouth is, Netflix offers free medical care to all employees, including eye care and dental care. Now that you have some examples of good vision statements, you can create your own.

Remember that your vision statement should be unique to your company but should also be inspiring and motivating for employees. It should also be tangible enough that it can guide decisions such as partnerships or expansion plans.

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