Creating a Vision Board: A Step-by-Step Guide

A vision board is a powerful tool that can help you manifest your goals and dreams. It is a physical collection of items such as images, magazine clippings, words and quotes that visually affirm your objectives and aspirations. Vision boards work because what you focus on expands. Constantly seeing the images on your vision board helps your brain to filter out the things you don't want and, at the same time, to focus on what you do want.

Creating a vision board is a great way to set your intentions for the year and have an inspirational companion on your path to achieving your goals. It is also an effective way to ensure that you see it several times a day. In this article, we will explore how to create a vision board for you and how to make the most of it once you make it a reality.

Step 1: Choose Your Base

The first step in creating your vision board is to choose the base for it.

You can use a poster board, corkboard, or even a digital platform such as Pinterest. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on new items to create your vision board, you don't need to use one of these types of bases. You can also use an old frame or even just a sketch in your book.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

Once you have chosen the base for your vision board, it's time to gather the materials that will go on it. Start by collecting images, quotes, words, and other items that represent your goals and dreams.

You can find these items in magazines, online, or even create them yourself. Be sure to check with yourself first and confirm that the ideas on your vision board are fully aligned with your goals in life; otherwise, you could find yourself presenting situations that are not in harmony with your vision and purpose.

Step 3: Arrange Your Items

Once you have gathered all of the items for your vision board, it's time to arrange them in a way that helps you express your objectives or your vision. You can arrange them in any way that feels right for you; however, it's important to make sure that all of the items are visible and easy to see.

Step 4: Place Your Vision Board

Once you have arranged all of the items on your vision board, it's time to place it somewhere where you will see it often. Setting your digital vision board as the wallpaper for the screen is an effective way to ensure that you see it several times a day.

You can also hang it up in a place where you will see it often such as near your bed or in your office.

Step 5: Take Action

The last step in creating a successful vision board is to take action. Vision boards help you keep your goals as a priority so that you can stay on track and make persistent progress toward your dreams, no matter what happens in the world around you. Instead of checking your phone while you're in bed, take some time to take care of yourself to look at your vision board and re-meditate on your vision.

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