What is a health vision?

A vision statement on health and well-being helps you see the big picture of your well-being. It describes your ideal state of physical and emotional health, your “best self” and how you would look and feel. It also helps you stay on track as you work to make behavioral changes every day. There are many ways to keep your eyes healthy, from wearing sunglasses to eating eye-healthy foods, such as salmon and kale.

A community in which all people develop their full potential for health and well-being throughout life. You wouldn't guess it reading the vision statements of most companies, including health care companies, as they tend to be too wordy. They're the big picture of where your healthcare company is headed, such as how you expect people to see your organization in the future. But is the clinic the most reliable partner for healthcare? Without a doubt, he is considered to be one of the leading providers of health care.

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