What is the first step in creating a vision board?

Let's discuss each of these steps. Gather your materials. To make a vision board, you'll need a variety of materials. Take some time to clarify your vision.

Look for images and objects that represent your vision. Place your vision board where you'll see it frequently. A big question that people often ask is whether they should make one big vision board that includes everything or create several for different areas of their life. During this step, you'll delete some images that you've chosen before, and you'll likely look for additional images as your vision board begins to form and your thoughts begin to expand.

In addition to the fact that a vision board helps turn a wish into reality, they also work on other levels. A vision board (or idea board) is a powerful, self-made tool that you use to formulate, define and maintain focus on a goal you have for yourself. Your vision board reflects your positive emotions, feelings and dreams and is a visual representation of everything that inspires you. Once that's done, you can save your virtual vision board as a background on your computer, or you can print it out.

But first, let's talk a little more about what a vision board is and why it's so important to have one when working to achieve a goal in life. As you look at your vision board every day, you'll notice that certain things are still prominent while others are starting to get in the way. Hopefully, following these steps will prevent you from making vision errors that could harm your goal-setting efforts. Your vision board will end up being unique to you and can be any type of board that you use to display text and images that represent the things you want to be, achieve or have in your life.

When you look at this image on your vision board, you can visualize yourself speaking bluntly to that group of people with the same confidence that the person in the image apparently has. Or, if you're the digital vision board type, all you'll need is one of these 11 online vision board apps or websites. Secondly, you decide if you want to create a big vision board for your whole life or divide it into several mini-boards to cover the seven areas, such as your relationships, profession, family, personal development, spirituality, social life and health. If you want to learn my process of creating a digital vision board, I share it in my online workshop, as well as in a variety of other formats.

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