What is the Vision of Public Health?

Public health is a collective effort that involves the organized community. It is not just the result of individual efforts, but rather a mission to ensure that organized approaches are mobilized when needed. For instance, the smallpox vaccination of countless people and the treatment of unvaccinated patients would not have been successful without strategies aimed at the entire community, such as epidemiological studies, consistent case reporting, and the organized distribution of the vaccine. Similarly, neither treating lung diseases nor urging people to avoid smoking could have succeeded in reducing smoking in public places without organized community efforts to adopt laws and regulations that restrict smoking.

Seatbelt legislation is another example where a community approach has increased individual effort. The vision of public health is to be recognized as world leaders in public health and preventive medicine. Our goal is to create a world with healthy people living in healthy communities. To achieve this, public health agencies must guarantee certain health services, beyond the normal understanding of health, such as decent housing, public education, adequate income, and the absence of war. Public health has evolved over centuries and a wide range of notions have been accepted under its umbrella.

Even restricting the topic to disease prevention and control, health promotion, and environmental measures requires the participation of a wide spectrum of professional disciplines. The faculty keeps up to date with advances in the basic aspects of public health and social sciences and encourages students to learn through self-directed and independent study throughout their professional lives. The government's intended role in the mission of public health should be somewhat limited due to the caution with which government action is approached in the United States. However, it is evident that the lack of definition of a positive role for the public sector in public health is producing what an observer of U. S.

public health has called “a crisis in public health”.At the end of the day, our vision is to create a world with healthy people living in healthy communities. Public health professionals strive to improve humanity's fate by understanding the causes of diseases, identifying at-risk populations, and developing new approaches to prevention.

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