Creating a Vision for Your Life and Career

Having a personal vision statement is essential for guiding your life and career. It is a statement that describes your values, strengths, and goals, and serves as a GPS guidance system for your future. It can be used to make commitments to yourself or potential employers, and should be based on your strengths, inspiration, compassion, values, and ambition. When crafting your vision statement, use specific details to make it more meaningful.

For example, if your goal is to “rid the world of air pollution”, use those exact words in your vision statement. It is important to note that a vision statement is different from a mission statement, which focuses on short-term goals. To write a vision statement for your work and career, focus on growth, skills, attitude, and ingenuity. Understanding the obstacles that prevent you from creating a personal vision statement can help you overcome them.

In your professional career, you may have experience with mission statements, but they are not the same as vision statements. For students, five years is the perfect time frame for their vision statement. Teachers should understand the dynamics between themselves, their students, and the school when creating vision statements. Dale Carnegie was famous for showing others that the most successful people were those who had inspirational visions.

iAwake Technology programs can help you access a state of mind that is more conducive to realizing your vision. Downloading a free template can also help you create your personal vision statement.

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