What is the Vision Behind Your Work?

The purpose of a professional vision statement is to provide you with clear and inspiring direction for the future. It is a great tool to identify your long-term professional goals, help you achieve short-term goals, and support you in finding new job opportunities and professional experiences. A vision statement is a statement of aspirations made by a company that outlines long-term objectives. It is often ambitious and communicates how the company plans to make a difference in the world.

A successful vision statement inspires employees and guides an organization's efforts. It is important when starting a business, as it provides a brief description of a company's long-term objectives. A vision statement is often accompanied by a mission statement to guide planning. It does not have a set length; you can write a one-sentence statement or write a three-page document about the future of the company. The purpose of a vision statement is to differentiate yourself from the competition and to focus efforts on achieving your objectives.

Examples of inspiring vision statements include IKEA's goal to improve everyone's life, Warby Parker's belief that buying glasses shouldn't be difficult or expensive, Patagonia's commitment to the long-term protection of the Earth, Disney's goal to be the place where people go to get content, Southwest's desire to be a different type of airline, and Coca-Cola's ambition to become the world's leading soft drink brand. Your vision statement should not have to do with your current objectives or short-term goals; leave that for your mission statement. It should describe something more significant. A good example of this is the non-profit organization Oxfam, whose vision statement is “a self-organized people that actively creates a just, democratic and sustainable world where power and resources are shared, everyone lives with dignity and poverty and inequality no longer exist”.

Your vision statement presents how your company seeks to grow and achieve more than just staying in business. It will guide decisions such as what partnerships you will establish, whether you decide to undertake collaborative initiatives or not, how and where you will expand all of this. Your company's values are important to your customers; your vision statement highlights what your company prioritizes and the type of business culture you provide to your employees. Your vision statement is not a strategic document like your business plan; it is a clear vision that identifies your objectives. Remember that these are not short-term goals.

Once you've brainstormed and drafted your vision statement, ask for feedback from your employees, friends, family, and social media followers for honest opinions. Your company's vision statement is an important aspect of success as it is a motivating factor for your customers and employees. The best statements inspire people and make them identify with your vision statement as if it were their own. That way, your customers and employees become your allies to help you achieve that dream.

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