Creating a Vision Board: 31 Inspirational Ideas to Achieve Your Goals

Words are a great starting point when it comes to thinking of ideas for a vision board. Words have a powerful way of impacting us and helping us feel good when used correctly. Whether the words describe feelings or reflect states of being, they all evoke experiences that we have had or want to have. To get started, look at magazines to cut out words that describe how you want to be or what you want to feel.

You can even write them in big, flashy and colorful letters. Quotes are excellent sources of mentality formation and effectively express an idea or experience in its entirety, making them one of the best examples of vision boards. No matter what the context in which the words were originally said, the impact of a good quote is timeless. Choose quotes that give rise to intense and precise thoughts that match the state or experience you want to reach.

They can be your role models, your favorite authors, your teachers, or even a song. You can even add poems if they talk about you and your future goals. Self-statements are different from quotes, in that you write them on your own, for yourself. Its goal is to change the view of the world and to undo limiting beliefs. To create a digital vision board, you can use online tools such as Pinterest, Canva, or the tools available on your computer, such as Paint, to make a collage.

To cut and save images online, use the crop tool. Images are an excellent alternative to doodles, as they can get you out of any doubts you might feel when drawing. You can attach them to a cork board, stick them to a cardboard or simply put them on a bulletin board. Depending on the vision you are trying to achieve through the ideas on your vision board, you can put images of successful associates and images that evoke feelings that you want to experience (gratitude, joy, love, success, etc.). If you're inspired to use images, you can try creating a digital vision board.

You can also find images similar to those you see in your imagination. If you want to increase the challenge, you can have images that represent the different actions you will perform. Memories, as sources of inspiration, are very powerful. They can serve as reminders of your strengths, uniqueness, achievements, successful relationships, and positive associations. If there are memories that you associate with the birth of a specific vision, those are the ones that should appear on the board.

You can have anything from name tags, thank you notes, trinkets, key rings, dry leaves, buttons, magnets, garlands of lights etc. When coming up with ideas for a vision board art or doodles are great ways to strengthen desired states. Since you represent your vision through images there's no better way to take ownership of it. Start collecting relevant images of people places objects texts quotes and even your own images that represent the images in your mind. You can cut out some sections of magazines or search for images on the Internet. Add your own words to your vision board; you can use markers paints stickers cards with quotes your computer etc.

This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you purchase (at no cost to you). Its underlying objectives are the foundation so create your vision board while writing specific goals (inside or outside your whiteboard).If you watch both of them often you'll be unstoppable. If you are a teacher you know that some days are more difficult than others. Creating a vision board that will help you (and your students) get through difficult times is a brilliant idea.

She does an excellent job of using words to identify the different categories and objectives that are important to her: creativity self-care family simplicity reading photography routine and health. Now that you've seen some great examples here are some ideas of objectives and categories to think about. I saved them as non-specific information for your vision board (because everyone is different). There you have it: 31 inspirational vision board ideas that will help you achieve your goals for next year and beyond. Instead of the usual cutouts glue and cardboard this vision board uses ropes and clothespins to display photos and text. This example provides a way to maintain a vision board and keep your dreams private until they've been stated.

I've put together some vision board topics to inspire you to think outside the box and create a vision board (or boards) that truly represents you. This vision board fits in a person's diary and is something they can turn to when they need a little inspiration in their notebook. Now that you've reflected on your vision gather some magazines and cut out images phrases and quotes from the vision board that represent what you want and that encourage you to work hard to achieve it. However that similarity is where one can thrive when it comes to creating a vision board now and in the future. A wall-mounted vision board is ideal for having a featured screen that one can use to visualize their intentions throughout the day. If the whole family is involved the vision board is not only good for making dreams come true but it's also a great tool for creating links. I work with subconscious triggers in my advanced vision board class because it's about much more than just pasting some pretty drawings on a white canvas. If one is planning a family they can of course make a vision board for their perfect partner or the baby they want.

I would even add financial goals to that part of the vision board because most likely that's how they'll achieve their monetary goals. A happy board isn't a vision board in the classic sense because it's less about focusing on a certain goal but about how one feels. In my advanced class I teach how one can use subconscious triggers in their boards so they don't just look pretty but also work towards achieving their goals.

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