What vision statement is best?

While it should be specific, a vision statement shouldn't be too detailed. Start by jotting down all your ideas and then boil them down to the essentials. Keeping just one or two key points helps create a clear vision that everyone can easily focus on and comply with. The vision statement is the polar star of your company's overall strategy, it's where you want to be as a company in the future.

A good vision statement acts as motivation for employees and provides guidance on setting long-term goals. You might think that this vision statement seems a bit generic, because it doesn't indicate where VISA is specifically trying to get there or how it expects to get there. From this example we can learn that your vision should serve as a guide for creating objectives and goals in the organization. A vision statement isn't just used in business, as non-profit organizations and government offices also use it to set strategic objectives.

A company vision statement can remind you of what you want to achieve when making decisions, such as business tools and investments, such as advertising or a new computer. Learn how to write a vision statement. See the brand vision exercise in my Brand Strategy Guide. Google's vision statement is a reflection of what the company is best known for: offering its customers easy and quick access to information.

An inspirational vision statement should provide clear direction and priorities for the organization while challenging team members to grow together. A strong brand vision will allow strategists to make better decisions about whether something is “in accordance with the brand”. You should have crystal clear vision when you start, otherwise, you can easily get lost in deciding what is the best way forward. As a company, it uses this vision statement to guide its ethics and what it calls the IKEA point of view.

After all, a memorable and engaging vision statement engages people emotionally, makes them overcome and overcome obstacles, and inspires change. Tesla's vision is to create the most attractive car company of the 21st century by driving the global transition to electric vehicles. The reason a good vision statement is important is that the people you're managing want to know your why before they follow you. Vision statements have a directional function, meaning that they guide the organization's plans and strategies.

A vision statement is like a photograph of your future business, which gives shape and direction to your business.

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